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March 27, 2014 | by BatesMeron

We like to keep the library here at BMSD chock-full of inspirational goodies. So, when we stumbled upon an unusual graphic novel, Building Stories, last weekend at a local bookstore, we just HAD to add it to our collection.

Building Stories

Building Stories, created by American cartoonist Chris Ware, comes as a box set with several different pieces: 14 bound books, fold outs, flip books and newspaper-style layouts. Each printed piece tells a beautiful and thought-provoking story through a series of different illustration styles. Unconventional, misshaped, tactile and brimming with juicy content, innovative thinkings like this really get our creative brains excited!

Even though pictures aren’t nearly as fun as interacting with the real deal, here’s a look at our new favorite graphic novel, Building Stories:


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