Your Twitter Strategy: Getting Creative in 140 Characters

July 18, 2017 | by Tarah Kraft

Since its launch more ten years ago, Twitter has proven to be a great marketing platform for brands. By using a strong Twitter strategy and brand voice, while still connecting with consumers in a fun and conversational way, brands have made the platform a lasting creative outlet for unique marketing. But, in a sea of 500 million tweets a day, it’s critical we emphasize strong strategy in order for brands to stand out.

This summer, there have been three brands that have dominated feeds by using Twitter in a creative and memorable way. A solid mix of intention, strategy, and luck—these stories will inspire you to think outside the box the next time you start typing the next 140 characters for your brand.


An account known for its humorous and light-hearted voice on Twitter, Wendy’s took Twitter by storm back in May by responding to a consumer’s request for free nuggets for life. The challenge? The consumer getting to 18 million retweets. Seeing as the previous RT record was 3.4 million, this was a nearly impossible task. While the consumer never quite got to 18 million, he did break the RT record, which was good enough for Wendy’s. Free nuggets for life!


Carolina Panthers

One of the best accounts in major American sports, the Carolina Panthers strategically pulled off one of the greatest Twitter stunts ever, in my humble opinion. Earlier this month, over the course of three days, the social media team for the Panthers posted what appeared to be a series of very normal tweets. However, once they tweeted to read the first word from each tweet over the past three days, you were pleasantly surprised to see the lyrics to the Fresh Prince theme song grace your screen. Sneaky and genius!




An app that connects you to people took it to the next level via Twitter last week when it caught wind of a couple who had been using the app to communicate for years but never had the opportunity to meet in person. Because Tinder’s ongoing Twitter strategy focused on paying attention to people mentioning their brand, they were able to capitalize on the opportunity when they got word of the story. Tinder reached out to the couple and offered to send them anywhere in the world for their first date. Thanks to Tinder and Twitter, the couple is now taking a trip to Maui. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous.



These are just three small examples of big ways that a thoughtful Twitter strategy can have a positive effect on your brand. Having a great social media strategy and team is important, as is watching the trends and staying up-to-speed on what other brands are doing.

What was your favorite Twitter stunt from this summer? What would get you to try for 18 million retweets? Let us know!

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