Do You Even Email Bro? Tips on Better Email Marketing

April 10, 2017 | by Todd Pierce

With all the different ways to interact with your customers or clients, it can be hard to choose which option is the best. These days it goes well beyond traditional advertising to include social media, content and email marketing. Of these, the right email marketing campaign can go the furthest to ensuring you deliver your message at the right time to the right audience (and do it on a tight budget).

Email is a powerful marketing tool precisely because it can be highly targeted, highly measurable and highly affordable. And in 2017, there are more ways than ever before to take advantage of innovative and interactive features to excite, engage and convert customers and prospects.

Email Monks has created a very helpful infographic mapping out design trends for 2017 to keep in mind that can help you strategize to better target your ever-changing audience.

To help you stay ahead of your competition, we’ve also compiled a collection of some fresh trends that you’re certain to catch sight of in your inbox this year.

5 Hottest Email Trends for 2017

Animated GIFs Using an animated GIF adds an element of unexpected delight to a campaign. If you’re looking to inject some action to your design or message, these simple, repeating bursts of movement are often small in file size and more reliably viewed than video.


Minimalist Design Minimalist emails look better on smaller devices and face fewer dispatching issues. In email marketing, you have seconds to entice your audience and the right minimal design gets straight to the point.



Mobile Awareness Responsive design is great, but doesn’t work with all email clients. It’s a smart idea to assume that most people will view your campaign on a phone or tablet. Some elements to keep in mind are:

  • One-column design
  • Use of large text
  • Touch-friendly buttons




Search Within Emails This will require a bit of programming knowledge to achieve but if you are up for it, the ability to search within emails could catapult your brand to the top of your target consumer’s recall and help drive traffic to your website.



Menus and Accordions Drop down and accordion menus allow you to provide plenty of items and information without overcrowding your design. It also encourages interaction by inviting viewers to click around and explore. Incorporating these interactive elements will also require a little programming know-how and a supporting email client but the initial legwork can do wonders for the impression your email communications make.




With a little creativity and planning, there are tons of opportunities to enhance your email content. Email marketing is always evolving, giving designers like us opportunities to explore more customized and innovative content for your company. Let us know if you’d like assistance maximizing your efforts. We’re equipped to help create an amazing email marketing campaign for you or your brand. Email us today.

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