Todd Pierce

Todd is an account manager with a background graphic design who can handle any task, organizational or creative, you throw at him. Along with his strong work ethic, Todd is known for his positive “I-got-this” attitude and subtle one-liners. (We hear them, Todd.)

Todd first realized he was destined for the industry in elementary school, where he often got in trouble for doodling in class. From there, Todd took his doodling to Robert Morris University where he earned a BA in Graphic Design. He also spent time at the University of Illinois Springfield where he graduated with a BA in Communications, honing in on his industry skills. And after years of creating happy clients with his designs, he has the expertise to keep them happy with his project management talents.

Part account manager, part designer, part athlete, part picky eater—you won’t be surprised to find Todd playing soccer with his friends, or avoiding lettuce at all costs.

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