Matt Roman

Matt is fan of all things pop culture, comic books and video games. He still avidly plays every new Pokémon game, his favorite is a close tie between Gengar and Snorlax. He’s the proud father of two troublesome Goldendoodles and a collector of action figures and plants. He’ll design whatever is thrown at him, but his heart truly belongs to crafting tactile printed pieces due to his obsession with bookmaking and fancy papers. He’s constantly aiming to create an interactive experience with every project he works on.

As a Michigan native, he’s intimately familiar with crappy roads and unpredictable weather. He went to school at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit and later taught as an adjunct faculty. Now that he’s living in the city, Matt’s goal is to try every doughnut shop around. When it’s nice outside you can find him at the dog park, biking around or drawing on the patio.

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