Linda Dao Ohr

Linda is a builder. You’ve heard the philosophy of “Think Globally, Act Locally” for sustainability? Well, Linda likes to apply that to business.

Linda’s professional ambition is to make businesses their most successful. It’s an ambition that’s right at home with BMSD’s working philosophy. As our Vice President, she brings an old-school business savvy to her relationships with our clients. She helps our team take understanding their company ethos and business ambitions to a new level.

Linda has worked in nonprofits, recruiting, tech and advertising where relationships, organization and creativity reign. And, as an entrepreneur, she learned first-hand the challenges businesses face in starting up, hiring, managing and growing. That experience, combined with her natural curiosity, drive her in understanding each client, and that understanding births trust.

Linda lives with her husband, two kids and dog in Chicago. They’re a family of food and wine enthusiasts (well, not the little ones), so Chicago winters are no match for their mad grilling skills.

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