Joshua P. Ferguson

Joshua P. Ferguson is our associate creative director by day and a music-obsessed DJ by night. (He’s obsessed with music by day too, if we’re being honest.) Joshua graduated to the world of advertising in 2008 after sowing his youthful oats playing records in bars and writing about music for magazines, and he’s happily been telling stories on behalf of clients ever since.

As our ACD and lead brand strategist, Joshua brings an eye for detail and a love of the big picture to every project that’s placed in front of him. To use a mildly cheesy metaphor, Joshua treats his projects like he treats his DJ sets, where words and design are like songs, expertly selected and mixed together to create something clever, memorable and moving.

When he’s away from his desk (and the DJ booth), Joshua is typically doing one of three things: consuming comic books, movies and sci-fi novels in equal measure, experimenting in the kitchen with a new cookbook or riling up his five-year-old French bulldog, Fizz.


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