Frank Porcaro

Illustrator by trade, Frank is a constantly moving artist with a diverse background in the creative industry. Having grown up in the Chicago punk and DIY scenes, they have a strong, defined set of values, work ethic and deep appreciation for the creative community. Playing in bands and designing posters opened the door to Frank’s interest in the creative industry. Eventually, Columbia College’s diverse Illustration BFA program gave Frank an interdisciplinary edge in the working world. And lots of debt. After school, Frank hurtled headfirst into the creative industry and has been holding steady ever since, most recently as our Senior Art Director.

Frank is also the founder of Chicago arts collective Earth Motel (formerly The Ghost Planet), a DIY artists’ effort to align Chicago’s splintered underground, independent art and music scenes. The collective also manifests as a late-night variety show set in outer space, for which Frank is the host.

In their free time, Frank can be found playing music, writing zines, ranting in support of mass transit and urban planning, learning Japanese, doing loud impressions of their dad, saying nice things about Baltimore, waxing poetic about pizza, obsessing over good airfare deals and, of course, drawing.

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