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Maggie Curran  

Marketing to Women: The Dos and The (Please Definitely) Don’ts   August 21, 2018

Marketing to men is not a new or novel concept. Marketing to women, well, that’s a different story. We’re all too familiar with the sad stereotypes of the distressed 1950s housewife in old cleaning product advertisements, but the sexism remains right up until the present-day woman, standing outside of her tub, wearing a towel, shaving her already hairless legs in Continue Reading


Marketing to Women Done Right   August 7, 2014

The team at BatesMeron was recently inspired by a powerful, motivational and breathtaking Under Armour advertisement. However, the visually stunning 60-second spot isn’t like many other Under Armour ads. This ad focuses on a ballerina. Shifting from its usual football-clad, male-athlete-starring commercials, Under Armour is currently trying to rebrand itself as gear that empowers athletic women. This new direction steers Continue Reading

Melissa Muñoz  

Stock Photography Gets A Facelift   February 18, 2014

Back in 2011, I wrote a piece that explored common obstacles that arise when searching for stock photography. In my article, I likened the hunt for the perfect image to Indiana Jones’ quest for the Holy Grail—rife with booby-traps and disintegrating Nazis. (It’s truly a fascinating read—here’s a refresher.) While images considered to be overly staged, insincere or just plain Continue Reading