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Carlie Miller  

Instagrammable Pop-Up Events | A 29Rooms Review   July 31, 2018

If you’ve been scrolling around Instagram or Facebook the last few months, you’ve probably noticed ads for (or pictures from) experiential pop-up events appearing in your newsfeed. These events, 29Rooms by women’s lifestyle website Refinery29 and wndr’s Infinity Mirror Room, are marketed as unique installations to “fuel your imagination” and to “explore a new genre of immersive experience.”     Catering Continue Reading

Katie Baird  

The Liberating Limitations of Instagram Stories   July 25, 2017

It’s no secret that I am an unabashed lover of Instagram. You might even remember this post about inspiring Instagram accounts. Recently, I’ve been extra enthralled with Instagram’s Stories feature. When Stories first launched, I was irritated at what felt like a bad Snapchat ripoff. But a few key features on Instagram’s version—and the fact that people actually seem to Continue Reading

Tarah Kraft  

Your Twitter Strategy: Getting Creative in 140 Characters   July 18, 2017

Since its launch more ten years ago, Twitter has proven to be a great marketing platform for brands. By using a strong Twitter strategy and brand voice, while still connecting with consumers in a fun and conversational way, brands have made the platform a lasting creative outlet for unique marketing. But, in a sea of 500 million tweets a day, Continue Reading

Tarah Kraft  

Sharing the Thanksgiving Spirit   November 22, 2016

Let’s face it, 2016 hasn’t been the greatest. We lost some of the greatest musicians in the form of David Bowie, Prince and Leonard Cohen, and amazing athletes such as Jose Fernandez, Muhammad Ali and Arnold Palmer. And don’t even get me started on the deaths of Gene Wilder and Alan Rickman (RIP Snape. Always). We’ve experienced enough loss in Continue Reading

Carlie Miller  

BMSD LaCroix Flavor Challenge   October 25, 2016

For the love of LaCroix If you open the fridge at BatesMeron on any given day, you’ll find an assortment of junk food, lunches, bagels and, perhaps most importantly, cans upon cans of LaCroix. A good number of the BatesMeron folks have taken a liking (or rather, an obsession? an addiction?) to the bubbly, flavored water beverage, and we just Continue Reading

Joshua P. Ferguson  

Recipes for Social Media Success   May 3, 2016

If you’re a regular hanging out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, you’ve definitely seen them. They’re those bite-size, kinda hyperlapse videos that are basically visual recipes for quick or quirky meals. They’re pretty popular. That’s actually an understatement. As an emerging form of social content, these video recipes have become so popular that four of the top 20 brands on Continue Reading

Pilar McQuirter  

Breaking the Internet: Hamburger Helper   April 11, 2016

If you look back at Hamburger Helper and their commercials (or you fondly recall meals from your childhood past), they’ve always been a very family-oriented brand. Many of those spots even center on Lefty, their Helping Hand mascot. These days, Hamburger Helper is seeking to connect with both the moms cooking with their product and the Millennials who are eating it. To reach the latter, Continue Reading

Pilar McQuirter  

How to Make Valentine’s Day Cards and #Sharable Moments   February 9, 2016

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which for a social media lover like myself, means loads of awesome (often heart-shaped) sharable content. As the Social Media Coordinator at BatesMeron, I’m always looking for opportunities like this to share some of the work, culture and creative things we do here. Still, it’s rarely as simple as posting a picture to Continue Reading

Carlie Miller  

5 Unique Instagram Brand Campaigns   January 26, 2016

While most of the Instagram photos I post are typically of my lunch, my cat or a city skyline, some brands have turned up the dial on creativity and launched some interesting campaigns on the social media platform that have done an excellent job of driving engagement. Here are 5 of my favorite Instagram brand campaigns that think outside of the Continue Reading

Pilar McQuirter  

3 Quick Tips on Live Tweeting: Our Day at Content Jam   November 10, 2015

Last week, BatesMeron headed to Content Jam, a daylong conference that focuses on teaching professionals how to produce the best online content possible. The day was filled with an incredible roster of speakers ranging from strategists to CEOs. The subjects covered all aspects of content creation, but focused mainly on strategy, promotion and measurement. Getting into the spirit of the Continue Reading