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Melissa Muñoz  

A Case for Proofreading   July 10, 2015

Most projects at BMSD follow a fairly standard process; depending on the job, our team will somewhere along the way kick-off, brainstorm, concept, draft, download, design, write, edit and proof. Let’s take a second to appreciate that last, most unsexy of project responsibilities – proofreading. No matter how big or small a job—be it a business card, brochure, children’s book, Continue Reading

Rachel Skybetter  

Rachel’s Writing Corner: 4 Quick Editing Tips   March 11, 2014

It began slowly enough. It started with red pen on my forearms, right ring finger and clothing. Then, I noticed my morning RedEye crossword puzzles were starting to be done exclusively in red pen. And recently at a baby shower, a request for spare pens turned up six in one purse grab—four of which were red. It was then I Continue Reading

Melanie Davis  

The Five Worst Things About Being Friends with a Creative   October 1, 2013

Creatives…we’re the best, right? Art directors, designers, writers—we make pretty things. We write eloquent things. We help you proofread your wedding invitation. However, fellow creative, I have some disturbing news. For every creative who is raising the roof to our collective awesomeness, there’s a creative friend/loved one rolling her eyes REALLY hard. Ugh, malcontents, am I right? They’re probably just Continue Reading


A Big F@#$in Translation Mistake   January 17, 2012

For your laugh and dropped jaw of the day, check out this post from Gawker about a Japanese department store’s—well, let’s say unconventional—promotional campaign. While this is pretty much your worst-case translation scenario, translation issues are by no means confined to accidental swear words. Working with international clients, we’ve found that marketing in different languages is something you always have Continue Reading

Melanie Davis  

In Defense of Proofreading   November 8, 2011

Proofreading is one of the least glamorous tasks we undertake here at BatesMeron Sweet Design. As the primary proofreader, I sometimes feel like a professional nagger. Get rid of that comma! You missed an apostrophe! The wording on this page doesn’t precisely match the wording all the way back on page 19! Don’t use so many exclamation points! However, proofreading Continue Reading