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Fred Schaaf  

Adidas’ World Cup Cross-Marketing   June 24, 2014

We’re in the thick of the World Cup, and us BatesMeron-ers cannot get enough of it. Hopefully, you’ve caught the first two USA matches so far, or at the very least caught Todd’s blog about World Cup jerseys the other week. We aren’t the only ones with World Cup fever. Adidas has struck gold with its fantastic cross-marketing campaign that combines the passion for the beautiful Continue Reading

Erin Pine  

A Moving Target   March 19, 2013

The state of the housing market has been, and continues to be, a hot topic. It’s a hot topic in my personal life too because after years of waiting for the “right time to buy” I am closing on my first home on Monday. (Knock on my new hardwood floors.) So after months and months of searching, researching, planning and Continue Reading