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Becka Bates  

6 Questions for Leah Cho   October 24, 2017

Meet the newest member of the BatesMeron team, Leah Cho! Leah comes to us fresh from Boston University, where she graduated with a BS in Marketing and Strategy & Innovation. She joins our team as an account coordinator. I interviewed Leah as part of our 6 Questions feature: a series of one-on-one interviews with people we work with who’ve made us Continue Reading

Taylor Wells  

BatesMeron Goes Game of Thrones   June 10, 2016

Game of Thrones. Depending on your respective level of nerdiness, the name can either send you into a frothing fit of joy or make you roll your eyes and wait for the inevitable “did you see last week’s episode?!” conversation to end. At BatesMeron, there’s no shortage of said frothing joy when we huddle up on Monday morning to discuss Continue Reading

Todd Pierce  

Creative Chaos: Why Creatives Thrive at a Messy Desk   June 7, 2016

Today at work, unbeknownst to my co-workers, I walked around to each person’s desk and noticed one thing that everyone seemed have in common—we all had cluttered desks. Not the kind of cluttered that might land our office on an episode of Hoarders, but our seemingly chaotic, mish-mash style of organization might give a visitor with OCD a teensy-tiny panic Continue Reading

Katie Baird  

Roller Derby Gets a Minimalist Makeover   May 24, 2016

As a long-time roller derby enthusiast and player, I can safely say that today’s roller derby scene has come a long way from its theatrical incarnation in the 70’s. As modern roller derby continues to evolve and gain popularity, it’s taking more and more cues from other professional sports. Top teams are swapping fishnets for spandex, beers for protein shakes Continue Reading

Melissa Muñoz  

An Ode to Adult Coloring Books   April 27, 2016

Recently, a good friend of mine came to Chicago to stay with us for a long and fabulous weekend. She lives in a small, far less amazing city, so the heat was on to show her a most excellent time. We toured. We gorged. We conquered. Excellent time achieved. When our bender of deep dish and dancing came to an Continue Reading

Fred Schaaf  

Finding an Answer in a Font   April 5, 2016

  Recently I found myself looking for a good article to send to someone about dyslexia since they had stunned me with the over-generalizing statement “everyone has dyslexia.” I knew they were referencing the assumption that dyslexia is often used as an excuse for poor reading—in fact, according to DyslexiaHelp at the University of Michigan, 70-80% of people with reading difficulties are likely Continue Reading

Todd Pierce  

The Importance of Mocking Things Up   March 29, 2016

In print design, a mock-up is a full-size model used to give your client a sense of what the final piece will look like. At the very least, a mock-up shows the functionality of a piece for the client to provide feedback. Mocking projects up can be a tedious process, but oddly enough for me it’s form of stress release. Continue Reading

Taylor Wells  

Misconceptions About Creative Agencies   March 1, 2016

Working at a creative agency like BatesMeron, you get used to hearing some of the same assumptions about what work life is really like. “It’s like Mad Men at your office, right?” or, “You guys just sit around thinking up taglines all day, don’t you?” come up often. While yes, we are an exceptionally good-looking and talented bunch here, and Continue Reading

Pilar McQuirter  

How to Make Valentine’s Day Cards and #Sharable Moments   February 9, 2016

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which for a social media lover like myself, means loads of awesome (often heart-shaped) sharable content. As the Social Media Coordinator at BatesMeron, I’m always looking for opportunities like this to share some of the work, culture and creative things we do here. Still, it’s rarely as simple as posting a picture to Continue Reading

Becka Bates  

6 Questions for: Ashley Hothersall   January 12, 2016

This is Ashley, our newest copywriter here at BatesMeron. She’s a born and raised Illinois native with a passion for all things creative and coffee-related. With her big personality, unbeatable proofing skills and an ever-growing list of awesome hobbies, we couldn’t be more excited to welcome her to our team. I interviewed Ashley as part of our 6 Questions feature: a series Continue Reading