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Matt Roman  

Navigating the Feedback Loop   January 16, 2020

As designers, we’re accustomed to providing two to three, sometimes even four concepts to a client. Almost always, there’s a favorite, a safe option and a third, cobbled-together version you’re praying they don’t pick. More often than not, the client picks one of the aforementioned options and you move forward. Though many times throughout my career, I’ve experienced the client Continue Reading

Andrew Lewis  

Business Romance   November 19, 2013

Whether you are a large business or small business entrepreneur, maintaining business relationships are vital in becoming successful. It’s no longer good enough to win the bid; clients want to feel like you care about them as much as you want their business. According to Michael Denisoff, founder and CEO of Denisoff Consulting Group, “You need to have long-term customers Continue Reading