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Todd Pierce  

The Importance of Mocking Things Up   March 29, 2016

In print design, a mock-up is a full-size model used to give your client a sense of what the final piece will look like. At the very least, a mock-up shows the functionality of a piece for the client to provide feedback. Mocking projects up can be a tedious process, but oddly enough for me it’s form of stress release. Continue Reading


Better Brainstorming   June 30, 2015

AIGA recently released some tips to help improve brainstorming sessions—and while reading the piece, I found myself agreeing with many of the points. I’ve always enjoyed the process of a good group brainstorm, but this article helped open my eyes to ways that the creative process of collaboration can be made better. The article starts by identifying several faults in the Continue Reading

Nina Altadonna  

How to Build a Meaningful Brand   January 3, 2013

Before we can craft the perfect tagline or design a logo that fits your brand like a glove, we first need to discover who your brand is. To do this, our creative team takes time in the development process to dissect your brand down to the bones, discovering what features, benefits and values make your brand unique. We start this Continue Reading