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Becka Bates  

Constructing A Brand   November 6, 2019

“I need a logo.” That’s how so many conversations start in my world. Many businesses realize that their current brand is in need of a facelift, or perhaps they’ve just launched their company and need to start something from scratch, and this is where they feel they should start the process. And who can blame them? After all, the logo Continue Reading

Todd Pierce  

Brands We Love: Social Mobility Foundation   August 7, 2018

As a designer, one of my passions is to create work that is inspirational and serves a real purpose. Not everything is purely for looks—when you can evoke someone to stop and really think about a brand or message and how it affects their everyday life, that’s priceless in my mind. Reflecting on this, I wondered how I could incorporate Continue Reading

Melissa Muñoz  

We Picked Our Favorite Logo Design of All Time   September 27, 2016

The logo is the keystone to the brand. It’s the piece that holds the whole mess together. The tag. The calling card. The fingerprint. The mark that says everything there is to say about a brand—packed into a square inch of space. It can convey, among other things, a reputation, a tone, history and values. It’s a brand’s introduction and Continue Reading

Nina Altadonna  

Creative Lessons I Learned From Improv Class   October 14, 2014

I have never been called shy. Since I was a young kid, I’ve always had a thing for putting on a show. Whether it was an impromptu theatre performance at a family party or a much-rehearsed dance recital starring my sister and me, being in front of an audience is something I love. This past summer I decided to get Continue Reading


A Pretty Tough Petunia   April 24, 2014

We recently partnered with breeding company Sakata Seed America to evolve the brand of their all weather petunia, Super-Cal. We worked with the company to create a solution that resulted in a beautifully bold brand that more effectively communicates the features and benefits of this power-punching petunia. We also developed consumer-friendly messaging to enhance the brand for retailers, emphasizing the story of Continue Reading