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Joshua P. Ferguson  

All Hail the Creative Brief   July 16, 2019

Or so that’s the conventional agency wisdom. This document to rule all documents is held as both bible and road map. Its word is bond (quite literally if your agency requires client sign-off on its contents). In its role as a centerpiece of agency life, the creative brief is adored and despised, sworn by and shrugged off, considered both a Continue Reading

Dan Wu  

Fovea, Peripheral Vision and Web Design   April 23, 2019

I have learned a small fun fact about our eyes. Hold your arm straight out and look at your thumb. The size of your thumbnail is how much your eyes can see in high resolution, which is your focus vision. Everywhere around your thumbnail, you can only see in low resolution. When we look at one word like “here”, we Continue Reading


Proofing Your Process: How to Be a Better Proofreader   February 16, 2016

As a copywriter at BatesMeron—and, well, anywhere—there are some essential components that come along with the job. 1. You concept. 2. You brainstorm. 3. You write. 4. You proofread. While the first three steps are obviously the more creative and glamorous part of the writing biz, I would argue that proofreading is the most important. Whatever you’re writing—whether it be Continue Reading

Andrew Lewis  

Business Romance   November 19, 2013

Whether you are a large business or small business entrepreneur, maintaining business relationships are vital in becoming successful. It’s no longer good enough to win the bid; clients want to feel like you care about them as much as you want their business. According to Michael Denisoff, founder and CEO of Denisoff Consulting Group, “You need to have long-term customers Continue Reading