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May 3, 2016 | by Joshua P. Ferguson

tastemade video recipes

If you’re a regular hanging out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, you’ve definitely seen them. They’re those bite-size, kinda hyperlapse videos that are basically visual recipes for quick or quirky meals. They’re pretty popular. That’s actually an understatement. As an emerging form of social content, these video recipes have become so popular that four of the top 20 brands on social media for the first quarter of this year deal almost exclusively in them.

These four brands are TipHero, Tastemade, Buzzfeed Food and Tasty, which is also a member of the Buzzfeed family and debuted in the No. 5 slot after launching in July of last year. This is an unequivocally meteoric rise that puts the upstart in the company of behemoth brands like National Geographic, the NBA and the NFL.

To give you an idea of the numbers that got Tasty here, the outlet gains about 200,000 new followers across its social platforms daily and posted the fourth most engaged video on Facebook so far this year—for homemade pizza twists. That last stat carries over pretty consistently to all these video recipes being posted. So far this year, they’ve made up just shy of 25% of the most popular content on Facebook.

And it should be noted that not all of these ‘recipes’ deal exclusively in food. Sites like TipHero cover all manner of DIY projects, from “How to Get Organized with Products from the Dollar Store” to “Let This Dad Show You How to Do a Simple Braided Bun.” Food may eat up the biggest piece of the video recipes pie, but any short how-to or informative video nugget would do.

 Adapting Recipes for Your Brand

The runaway popularity of these video recipes begs the question: How can this style of video content be adapted for my brand? TipHero’s success alone provides an easy answer. Used cleverly, any brand could create likeminded content to show a product in action or demonstrate uncommon uses for it. If physical products aren’t so much your thing, you could talk up your services or share homemade videos of your team in action. The possibilities here are as endless as your creativity and your resources.

Thankfully, these videos are such a useful social content tool precisely because of how easy they are to put together. All they take is a little pre-planning, a camera (or even an iPhone) and basic movie editing software (or an app or the time lapse option in iPhoto). Here at BatesMeron we did our first how-to video a couple weeks ago. The 30-second spot walks you through how easy it is to do mock-ups of print design projects and the whole thing took us maybe an hour. We also had a blast putting it together.

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Amid all the food and the fun, it’s easy to forget one of the most appealing aspects of this type of social content. By tracking the views, likes, comments, shares and other social engagement metrics, you always know just how successful your video is. A cursory glance through Tasty’s videos tells you that their dessert recipes are their most popular. Your brand could easily start reaching the same conclusions if you post video content regularly and consistently.

Who knows, putting your own spin on video recipes could be the secret sauce for your social media strategy, like it was with Tasty or TipHero. If nothing else, you’re showing off your brand’s content marketing savvy and maybe even giving your online fans something to drool over. If this type of content is perfect for your brand and you’d like to learn more about how BatesMeron can help you make videos like these (and make them regularly), drop us a line.

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