Under The Staircase Book 1

Why wait for college to learn about important economic values? Economist I.M. Lerner wanted to find a way to teach these important principles to kids in a fun, relatable way. When she decided to publish an economic adventure book series for school-age children, she turned to Kickstarter to crowd-source support for this new, untouched niche. With the success of that (318 backers!), she then turned to BatesMeron to bring her dream to life.

When we were approached to design and lay out the first book, The Secret Under the Staircase, we were ecstatic at the thought of joining forces with Lerner to delve into this untapped corner of children’s education. Then when the opportunity arose to also illustrate the book, we jumped at the chance to help develop her characters and story even further.

Our first foray into book design and illustration was a fun adventure—just like the series itself—and we can’t wait to watch Lerner and her book series grow.