R&M Image Brochure

If you’re trying to show the heart and soul of your company, using stock photography is not an option.

R&M Consulting is a unique, custom service that focuses solely on tax and internal audit. Completely tailored by each case, R&M puts its clients at the core of the company. They came to BatesMeron for a high-end, brochure that would feature their close-knit team, services and iconic Michigan Avenue office location in an aspirational, genuine way.j

The resulting photos lent themselves beautifully to the brochure and captured the warmth and dedication of their company in a way that stock photography never could.

Just like the work they offer, the actual design of the brochure—a book within a brochure—mirrors R&M’s mission: always aligned and guided by their core truths, which are featured above the internal pages so that they are always at the forefront.

Also woven throughout is the tagline, “Known by heart,” which we also developed to capture the authenticity and knowledge of their brand, along with the familiar red awning that welcomes visitors to their office and to their brand.

By truly capturing the people at the heart of the brand, we were able to more completely represent R&M and its values in a timeless, authentic way.


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