RCN Valentine Campaign

February isn’t just a month of lingering snowstorms here in Chicago—it’s also a month for candy hearts, cozying up with significant others on the couch and romantic nights in.

For their mid-Q1 efforts, entertainment and communications provider RCN decided they wanted to create a campaign that disrupted their typical messaging style. In the spirit of the season, the BatesMeron team set to work creating a concept that would encourage consumers to fall in love with RCN’s reliable high-speed internet, phone and cable services. From this, the idea of creating a fun and eye-catching valentine-themed campaign was born.




We worked closely with RCN to develop a month-long campaign that would stand out from the rest and engage consumers with its message. The BatesMeron team also had to figure out a way to keep theme relevant after February 14th, once Valentine’s Day had come and gone.

Inspired by a classic, vintage valentine, our design showcased retro-styled illustrations that were hand-drawn and colored by BMSD. RCN’s alluring offers could be found prominently within a heart-laden background—emphasizing the sweetest deal of the season. As a final touch, we added faded textures and a matte finish to further compliment the aesthetic.




Our idea was brought to life as direct mail pieces and as full-page ads in the Chicago-based Pioneer Press with two sets of copy; one for the first half of the month that called attention to the holiday, and another for the second half that would coax customers to enjoy a date night with RCN—a romantic gesture appreciated all year long. What made this campaign work was its genuine and unexpectedly romantic theme that stayed effective even after Valentine’s Day was over.

Our efforts paid off and RCN was left with a fresh and heart-warming campaign that was sure to receive plenty of “awwws” from consumers.