RCN Testimonial Campaign

Although communications provider, RCN, is largely known for their great options and service, they are most proud of their great consumer connection. So when a new RCN campaign targeting Chicago and its neighboring suburb Skokie was approaching, we knew that bringing life to the people behind the brand—both consumer and service—would hit home in a big way.

From there we went on a mission to track down authentic Chicagoans and Skokians who use RCN in their homes to get their testimonials for use on direct mail. The response was inspiring. Citizens of all ages and all backgrounds came to us with all kinds of great things to say about RCN.

One Skokie single mom sent us an email that read, “I tell everyone to switch to RCN if they can!” Many others took time out of their schedules to meet us in their homes, places of employment and at the local library to tell us about their RCN experience and have their pictures taken—in the dead of an especially harsh Chicago winter. That’s how much they love RCN.

The result? An impactful, personal and positive campaign where the heart of RCN shone through louder than we ever imagined.

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