PP&L 2014 California Spring Trials

The California Spring Trials (CAST) is an annual event that gathers leading plant breeders, growers and suppliers across the West Coast to showcase their plant varieties and new products. The week-long spectacle is held at various locations throughout California and only welcomes guests associated with the horticulture industry. (Sorry general public, this is a VIP event.) Included on the list of facility locations is our client Pacific Plug & Liner.




As a regular participant and must-see stop across the route, PP&L is known for delivering a grand event. BatesMeron worked with PP&L’s core marketing team to concept, produce and promote their 2014 Spring Trial appearance. To initiate the flower-filled process, we began with developing a theme.

After much brainstorming, we landed on a theme filled with roots, sunshine and pride. Appropriately titled “Meet me in Cali,” the message was all about hitting the core of California’s rich agriculture history.


CAST 2014 Cast Study-01

CAST 2014 Cast Study-04


Acting as an ode to past and present achievements, we put California at the forefront of our look and feel. From invitations to banner ads to eblast campaigns to event signage, the tone was light, friendly and a bit dreamy. When it came to the look of each piece, we infused a homegrown yet California-cool vibe in all our designs.


CAST 2014 Cast Study-07


We were inspired by the bright, bold and playful artwork of agricultural wooden crate labels from the late 1800s and early 1900s. The simple, yet vibrant beauty of each era’s illustration style reminded us of California’s impact on the agricultural and horticultural worlds. This visual muse also led to a sweet-as-iced-tea promotional item: PP&L branded mason jars.


CAST 2014 Cast Study-03PPL_Cast2014


Overall, the event was a huge success. Visitors were able to explore the gardens and greenhouses of Pacific Plug & Liner (with mason jar at-hand) and enjoy the warm, vintage feeling of California’s roots.


CAST 2014 Cast Study-05