Porter Pipe & Supply Identity

Porter Pipe & Supply has spent more than 40 years redefining what it means to be a wholesale supplier of plumbing and manufacturing products. Their superior service revolves around a commitment to high quality products and even higher quality relationships with their customers. In an industry where meeting tight deadlines is crucial, Porter Pipe has carved out a reputation for above and beyond, 24-hour service that ensures their customers don’t just get what they need when they need it, they also get a suite of value-added services to improve efficiency and safety.

Porter Pipe sought fresh, consistent branding and a tailored marketing effort to help catch the eyes of new customers as they work to expand into new markets and boost revenues. We love companies like Porter Pipe who value their customers, and work every day to do what’s best for them. We abide by that same philosophy, so we were proud to be asked to help this longstanding Chicago business reinvigorate its brand.



An Evolution of Style

Brand & Identity

As a well-established business, Porter Pipe’s identity change needed to be a true evolution rather than a total overhaul. One of the qualities that makes Porter Pipe unique is the cutting-edge solutions they offer to common industry issues like logistics and delivery, material handling and packaging. For the new look & feel to be a success, we wanted it to express the expertise and modern innovation the company has worked so hard to achieve.



We began by breaking down the essential parts of Porter Pipe’s old logo—the letter P inside of a circle. Using those two shapes as our only parameters, we let our creativity run wild with hand-rendered variations of their essential components. Once we’d gone far in as many directions as possible, we stripped away all that didn’t serve the brand best. We arrived at a logo with an established feel, a modern typeface and a subtle reference to piping. The finished product is a clean, forward-thinking mark that still feels like a natural evolution of the identity.


The Voice of Porter Pipe

Positioning & Messaging

Working with its senior management and sales teams, we uncovered the four pillars of the Porter Pipe point of view: productivity, protection, profitability and partnership. These themes became the foundation of the brand’s positioning moving forward. We also crafted a personality that gives them a trustworthy, reliable, confident and customer-first tone with core messaging that calls back to those four pillars, which we’ve taken to referring to as the 4 Ps.

For Porter Pipe’s tagline, it was critical that we boiled their 4 Ps down to a line that communicates their dedication to customer relationships. “Partnership with purpose” is exactly that, a tagline that strikes an aspirational tone and lets customers know Porter Pipe is a supplier that goes further to improve your business.



How it All Comes Together

Marketing Collateral

The finalized messaging and visual identity gave us the tools we needed to accomplish Porter Pipe’s second goal: to create targeted marketing tools to attract new clients and grow their business. The centerpiece of this effort is the values folder, a sales package that lays out the benefits of having Porter Pipe as a partner. With infographic callouts and photo-heavy sell sheets describing Porter Pipe’s most important services, the folder has become an integral part of Porter Pipe’s strategy to reach new customers.



In addition to the values folder, we also created a suite of brand collateral to establish a consistent identity across all their marketing. Business cards, letterhead, mugs, notepads and an array of stationary pieces all boast the brand’s fresh look and feel.

With its new identity, messaging and collateral in place, Porter Pipe is armed and ready to build new and lasting partnerships. We are excited to continue working with the team to build on the branding and marketing we’ve developed for them and help them as they grow.