Next Begins Now

The Luminarts Cultural Foundation at the Union League Club of Chicago is a not-for-profit organization designed to help young Chicago artists, writers and musicians cultivate their talents. Through a yearly competitive process, Luminarts selects 20 Fellows to receive recognition, financial aid and creative guidance as they grow their artistic practice. This year our team was honored to donate our time and talents to help support the Luminarts cause by developing the theme and look for the annual Fellows Celebration.

The theme for the event became “Next Begins Now.” BatesMeron named and established the look for 2014, which brightly exclaims the next generation of up-and-coming talent emerging from Luminarts.

Aspirational and full of life, the design of the invitation package and program echoes the modern and transformative feel of the organization’s established identity.


LuminartsInvite2 LuminartsInvite3LuminartsInvite1


For more information about Luminarts and how you can become involved, visit