Mighty ‘Mato Website

Muscle meets tomato, melon and veggies in the website redesign for super plant brand Mighty ‘Mato. Developed to be easily updatable, user-friendly and hold pages of delicious content, the responsive, new Mighty ‘Mato website allows greater detail and attention to be given to each plant.

The look and feel of the website was inspired by the animated, fun and comic-styled illustration of Mighty ‘Mato Man. This visual played a huge role in everything from icon design to color selection to font treatment. Although our heroic muse helped bring extra BAM, POW and PUNCH into each page, we were also influenced by the vibrant, rich and natural colors of the plants featured. As a result, these elements came together to create a clean, colorful and modern website that saves the day with plant grafting power!


PCP_mighty_1 PCP_mighty_2 PCP_mighty_10PCP_mighty_7PCP_mighty_11PCP_mighty_5PCP_mighty_6