Lundbeck Values

“We Know Our Values. Now What?”

With so much riding on a company’s values, it’s important that they hit the right note straight out of the gate. So, when Lundbeck planned on rolling out their newly developed beliefs to employees for the first time, they knew they had to get it just right. That’s where we came in.

Lundbeck is refreshingly mission-driven in supporting the patients their medicines help, participating in research, outreach programs and charities that give back to both the patients and the community. With a solid foundation in giving back, the Lundbeck team had no problem writing their values because they live them so passionately every day. But their employees were about to see these recently established beliefs for the first time, and Lundbeck needed to get their team excited about engaging with their culture.

Turning Beliefs Into Reality

We started with a flow chart that mapped out each of Lundbeck’s newly finalized values. We wanted to know where these values came from and why they mattered. After delving into each value’s purpose and the personality behind Lundbeck’s voice, we knew that their visual identity needed to match seamlessly with their values to establish the new language as the norm in how they speak about their culture. It was pretty clear that Lundbeck doesn’t take their beliefs lightly—and their steadfast commitment was just the inspiration we needed to get started.

Introducing The Lundbeck Seven

Mapping the values roll-out plan with Lundbeck, we agreed that role-modeling from Lundbeck leaders would be key to the success of adopting their beliefs throughout the company. After experimenting with several possible ways to bring this idea to fruition, we developed The Lundbeck Seven, a pocket book detailing each of their seven values with symbolic illustrations to match.

We poured over each element, ensuring that every visual cue encompassed its paired belief. Swatch book-style and user-friendly, the booklet features a velvety, tear-proof cover from Neenah. This premium finish is nearly indestructible for facing on-the-road wear and tear from Lundbeck’s many out-of-office employees.

For an around the office reminder of The Lundbeck Seven, we also designed an infographic with on-brand colors and illustrations to get employees even more excited about the company’s new values.

The Value of Values

The results were nothing short of valuable. Lundbeck was thrilled with the convenience of the pocket book and the visual way we put their values to work in the infographic. After measuring the culmination of the campaign and employee reactions, the results were in the high 90s out of 100 for understanding of Lundbeck’s beliefs. Together, the booklet and the infographic spread Lundbeck’s values far and wide throughout the company, instilling the beliefs in their employees and further cementing their commitment to caring.