Kia Ora Flora Identity

As the last major landmass to be discovered and settled by man, New Zealand is one of the youngest civilizations on earth. The islands’ geographical separation from other landmasses, about 100 million years ago, allowed many ancient plants and animals to survive and evolve in isolation—fostering an environmental miracle filled with lush and diverse flora.

With a rich, raw and brilliant backstory like that, it was impossible to turn down our client, Cultivaris, when they asked us to brand and help market a new line of unusual plants discovered in New Zealand.

Elegant, fresh and exotic, the name “Kia Ora” is not only a popular greeting that wishes good health and fortune in New Zealand’s native language—it encompasses the traits of the unique line of plants. Channeling New Zealand’s contrast of wilderness and civilization, we fleshed out this floriculture brand’s identity with a dynamic spiral fern logo and the mantra “Ancient Nature. New Zeal.”


KO_bro_frontIdentity Brochure


We then embodied their spirit in standout identity pieces, such as signage, brochures and a stunning 100-page website for both consumer and trade. Although simple-looking in design, the website holds a surprising amount of information—providing in-depth information (and beautiful pictures) for both consumer and trade.


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