Insights in Marketing

Since they were founded in 1989, the research-based marketing consultancy Insights in Marketing, or IIM for short, has been helping its clients gain a deeper and more personal understanding of their target markets. And with almost 30 years of experience under their belt—they’ve created a system that works.

IIM felt their industry changing. New players—young firms with “cool” personas, offering simple, tech-driven research at low rates were emerging. Insights in Marketing knew it was crucial to stay relevant and current amongst this change. They also wanted to send a clear message that experience and depth are of high value and always will be.

Looking to revitalize their image and leverage the differentiators that made them stand out from their competitors, Insights in Marketing came to BatesMeron for assistance in evolving their position and messaging.

In our discovery meeting, (complete with Oreos and mimosas) it became clear that in addition to being incredibly experienced and knowledgeable about their industry, the IIM team was also overflowing with a quirky and welcoming personality that screamed in opposition of the common misconceptions about market research firms. After some deliberation, (and a few more mimosas) both teams decided that combining IIM’s superior experience with their lovably quirky personality was the perfect next step for their brand.

Our team created a powerful brand story that clearly positioned IIM as a premier, qualified firm in their industry and infused the company’s infectious personality into the core of their identity. Building off of the solid foundation of their story, we went on to create several mood boards, taglines and color palettes to zero in on the combination that would become the new face of IIM.

With amazing feedback from our collaborators at Insights in Marketing, we created a brand that embodied IIM’s personality through a vibrant color palette, bold and expressive typefaces and fun, striking graphical elements. We were equally dedicated to ensuring that IIM’s considerable experience was highlighted, creating a consistent voice for the brand that conveyed IIM’s industry, expertise and benefits simply and effectively. The seamless combination of these aspects was perfectly exemplified in IIM’s new tagline, “connecting people to brands.”

With a colorful new personality for their brand in place, BatesMeron’s next step was pulling it through to all of IIM’s collateral—including everything from memorable new business cards to a vibrant, responsive and intuitive new website.

In the end, the Insights in Marketing team was thrilled with their new identity, feeling more confident than ever about their place as leaders of their industry. IIM and BatesMeron are even teaming up again to internalize their new brand as a set of core values, ensuring that IIM stays their quirky, capable selves for years to come.


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