Insights in Marketing Campaign

Ask the team at Insights in Marketing what sets them apart, and you’ll get no shortage of answers. From their individual personalities to their collective expertise, they know what makes them stand outs in market research. Prospective and quiet clients, on the other hand, needed a little reminder. It was up to us to craft an integrated campaign that not only reached their target, but also touched on everything that makes working with Insights in Marketing a successful (and entertaining) process.



From Strengths to Strategy

Insights in Marketing knew their exact pain points: meeting revenue goals, not working at capacity and not always being the top of mind option for brands in need of market research. They also knew their strengths: the value of their services, their unmatched expertise and the infectious personalities of their individual consultants. Our discovery meeting prepped us to tackle both in equal measure. The brainstorm brought us to two distinct campaign themes that built on the personality and fun Insights in Marketing brings to the table.



Riffing off their tagline, Connecting People to Brands, the chosen campaign theme, I’m Your Connection, serves as an invitation to get to know the people behind the insights that power IIM’s clients’ brands. The dual meaning expands on everything that makes Insights in Marketing unique to their field: their powerful consumer insights, quality client relationships and the authenticity and candor of their consultants. Hand-picked consultants also receive spotlights in the campaign, rolling out across two integrated channels, print and digital, with video to back up our angle.



Capturing That Je Ne Sais Quoi

Before applying the campaign to specific marketing tactics, we set out to capture the characteristics of IIM’s consultants on a full-day photo and video shoot. We interviewed key team members, not only about their strategic expertise, but everything that makes them interesting as individuals as well.






To highlight the consultants’ distinct qualities, we created tongue-in-cheek nicknames to add memorability across executions—and made additional icons for their other team members, too.


Putting Their Quirks on Paper

Our campaign centerpieces are two 12-page direct mail magazines talking up the experience, love of the field and quirks of IIM’s consultants (like Caroline’s collection of Tiki mugs). Each brochure included a call to action to not only get familiar with their variety of services, but also encourage clients to watch our video interviews.



Digital Reinforcement

To further drive the campaign home, we rolled out a series of emails that played off the direct mail pieces and catch client eyes on more than one channel, more than one time. Email tracking and analytics allowed us to update the campaign for maximum results in real time.



The cherry on top was the update to Insights in Marketing’s website, where we pulled the campaign through to individual consultants’ biography pages.