Hula Berry Identity

Pacific Plug & Liner is known for bringing the most innovative plants to market. Whether it’s a charmingly chic basil topiary plant or a tough winter wonder that always delights, PP&L delivers the best of the best in horticulture. And lucky for us, we get to work with them.

Our California-based client began producing an exciting new fruit that would wow buyers, growers and consumers alike. The product is a white strawberry. (Yes, white!) Not only is the color unlike any other traditional strawberry, the taste is tropical. (Pineapple to be exact.)

With an extraordinary product on their hands, PP&L was ready to brand, market and spread the juicy news of this white strawberry to the horticulture world. After taste-testing the berries and vouching for their deliciousness ourselves, we began the branding process. The first step was giving this small berry a name, tagline and logo.



Our writers and designers worked together to brainstorm and craft multiple name and tagline options, as well as a range of identity designs to represent the fruit. We knew the branding would be imperative to the promotion and publicity of the fruit, as PP&L would soon be approaching big box retailers to carry the product. The end results were both tropical and sweet. Welcome, Hula Berry.

For the logo, we created a bold and modern seal that features a custom-illustrated strawberry graphic. Atop of the contemporary berry lies the crown of a pineapple—making the overall image a memorable mark that symbolizes the look and taste of Hula Berry.




With an identity in place, BatesMeron worked with PP&L’s core team to begin developing marketing support. This included point-of-sale tags, packaging and signage that pop off the shelf and generate new energy to the garden aisle. More support came in the shape of bright, bold and interactive booth graphics for tradeshow events. These lively designs assure that no passerby ignores the intrigue of what happens when strawberry meets pineapple.




To ensure that consumers properly plant and tend to their Hula Berries, we designed helpful infographics as a part of the product’s sales kit. This graphic includes colorful instructions as well as a whimsical once-upon-a-time origin story that details the genetic mastery that took place to create Hula Berry.






On the interwebs, we designed and programmed as a one-page website that provides visitors with all the information they need to buy, care for and learn about Hula Berry. Easy to navigate and mobile friendly, the website embodies the complete personality of Hula Berry through fun messaging, animated imagery and richly layered textures.



As a result of BatesMeron and Pacific Plug & Liner’s collaboration, Hula Berry has exceeded sales expectations within the retail market. This includes a successful product test run at Home Depot where Hula Berry had a 97% sell-through rate. The white strawberry continues to win over the heart’s of retailers and growers alike, not only because of its delicious (and unique) taste, but because of its bright and eye-catching branding and marketing.