Happy Spectacular Identity


Happy Work Spectacular Life is where you turn when your job or your life (or both) need a pick-me-up. The Happy Spectacular team is a group of fiercely passionate researchers and advisors who’ve created a place for ideas, answers and experiences designed to help people find the path in life that’s right for them. Before they could embark on their career-shaping mission, they needed help establishing an identity and messaging that would capture their unconventional perspective on work and life.

First order of business was to meet with Happy Spectacular for an epic discovery session full of games, creative exercises and a million and one questions. We plastered our conference room walls with inspiration and got to work hashing out everything from their beliefs to what their desired aesthetic would be. This exploratory session got us energized, aligned and ready to bring Happy Spectacular alive with personality.



We first identified the relatable, conversational vocabulary that we used to mold Happy Spectacular’s core positioning, value proposition and tagline. The line “Find Yours.” serves as a mantra for the brand and what it offers: a path to making a living that brings out the best in you.



It was important that Happy Spectacular stand apart from other career and lifestyle services, so we developed a visual style that’s equal parts brainy and irreverent. The logo design features a type treatment with strong editorial roots and unique stacking that speaks to all of the pieces of one’s life coming together in a splendid balance.

Happy Spectacular’s quest to shift people’s perspectives on work also prompted us to reimagine otherwise boring office supplies as symbols of revolutionary career bliss, ultimately leading us to a hand-rendered paper airplane illustrated mark. The paper airplane and delightful pineapple yellow balance the typography with playfulness and a sense of forward motion that inspires their clients.



Alternate logomark


Happy Spectacular’s brand collateral gave us another opportunity to let our creative flags fly. Business cards that break all norms with a paragraph format that delivers a punch of personality? Yes please. Letterhead that sneaks in instructions for folding your own paper airplane? Absolutely. Notecards with check boxes for comical call-outs like ‘Bacon’, ‘Drinks?’ and ‘$#!%.’? Where do we sign up?



A collection of sticker seals expands their brand iconography with fun drawings and phrases like “down with the daily grind.” These stickers give stationary or otherwise un-happy paper an extra pop of Spectacular.



Happy Spectacular’s graphic standards was our opportunity to define how the brand’s quirky personality works. Details about their fonts, icons, logo usage and color palette give the lively brand a measure of order, all in Happy Spectacular’s relatable voice.

Building off the graphic standards, we designed an eNewsletter to bring that Happy Spectacular voice out into the world. Clients are kept up-to-date and inspired with a regular dose of spectacular thought leadership right in their inbox.



Happy Spectacular came to us asking for branding to launch their revolutionary approach to career and life coaching. Now the team has everything it needs to redefine what it means to have a meaningful career and life, with branding unabashed in its personality and functionality. The results did nothing less than induce fits of joy, setting the team up to spread the Happy Work Spectacular Life revolution, one career at a time.