Gallant Website

Gallant Building Solutions constructs, enhances and maintains properties for retail, restaurant, hospitality, automotive, entertainment, commercial and industrial clients throughout North America. Established in the early 1950s, Gallant has grown into a multi-faceted company whose clients  range from Fortune 100s to boutique businesses. In 2010, BatesMeron was proud to collaborate with Gallant to craft their brand identity, messaging and collateral. Over the years we’ve continued to work together on various marketing support and brand development projects; however, our most recent collaboration has proven to be the biggest and most exciting yet: a new website.

Gallant’s goals for their new website were simple. They wanted something minimalist, modern and bold. It was also a must that the site be mobile-friendly, easily updatable and supportive of Gallant’s new business model and vision. Challenge accepted.




After detailing the wish lists and the must-haves, we began our website process. This included navigational and structural strategies, as well as lots of brainstorming for site look, feel and function.

During the content creation phase, we retouched, recolored and edited heroic imagery—a cornerstone of the Gallant brand—filling the site with powerful shots to bolster the company’s tough, can-do attitude. To promote the their core values, we designed an interactive sliding window feature that showcases what makes Gallant great. Staying true to Gallant’s brand voice, the messaging throughout the site is strong, smart and to the point. And as for the user experience, intuitiveness was key. From finding case studies to understanding which markets they serve, the clean and concise structure allows the user to browse with ease and confidence.




As a result, Gallant now has a website that is representative of the caliber of work they do. The professional and pronounced messaging provides evidence of Gallant’s depth of experience and passion, while the bold and modern look delivers a memorable site experience.