GA Paving Identity

Trust, integrity and tradition have been at the core of GA Paving since they paved their first road back in 1994. Since then, their ever-growing reputation for top-notch results, met deadlines and hands-on leadership have made GA one of the leading paving companies in Chicago—with over 80 trucks, 120 onsite workers and countless satisfied customers.

When we were first introduced to GA Paving, they had the reputation, substance, skill and know-how of an outstanding company—all they needed was an outstanding brand to match. With a list of projects on the table including a new logo, tagline, website and collateral, BatesMeron was eager to roll up our sleeves and get to work.



We channeled GA’s sterling reputation and deep-rooted family legacy into a coat-of-arms logo mark, with hand-drawn lettering that feels as crafted and personal as GA’s standard of service. The wordmark underneath the shield uses a strong serif font to achieve an even balance of tradition and grit. To complete the logo and its message, our team created the tagline “Built by Reputation,” driving home the company’s long-standing and proven dedication to excellence.




With the brand’s look and feel established, we moved on to the creation of GA’s website and collateral. To bring the client’s identity through authentically to their new website, we incorporated a combination of warm and rich photography, bold statements and cold hard numbers to back them up. These strong visual elements were then translated onto the other deliverables, including presentations, business cards, marketing pieces, advertisements, holiday gifts and internal messaging—with GA Paving’s honest, no-nonsense persona present throughout.




The end result was a brand worthy of GA Paving. Now, when clients come to GA, they see more than a paving company—they see a proud institution that honors promises, thrives on a challenge and is built by reputation.