Dustless Identity

In the world of construction, improvement and DIY projects, the best part of any job is the end result. Unfortunately, getting to the end isn’t always easy. That’s where Dustless Technologies comes in.

A US-based manufacturer specializing in dust control products, Dustless is the company you can count on for easy answers to any cleanup problem. However, when the dust removal and cleanup market was beginning to look oversaturated with similar images and messaging, Dustless knew it was time for a brand renovation.




Through our competitor research and Dustless brand analysis, we found that there was a great opportunity for Dustless to reposition itself in the market as friendly, helpful and reliable. This repositioning differentiates Dustless from the rough n’ tough image popular amongst competitors—putting Dustless in a unique market space that stands out from the pack.

To support this new position, we wanted to place an emphasis on Dustless being all about the customer. This comes to life with messaging that focuses on the user benefits and a look that is more personable. By incorporating a hand-rendered font and art directing photo shoots that highlight the user-friendly features of each product, we were able to give the brand a more authentic and memorable feel. Similar to the imagery, our bold messaging and got-the-job-done tone marks Dustless as “The end of cleanup.”