C+R Research People Power

Annually, C+R Research attends The Market Research Event (TMRE) and needs exhibiting materials that show off their unique research expertise and leave a lasting impression. C+R came to us to concept and design a campaign that delivered exactly this kind of one-two punch.

Digging into C+R’s strengths and goals, we were struck by a concept we dubbed People Power. It carries a perfect double meaning for C+R: It emphasizes the power that today’s consumer wields and it illustrates how C+R are the people with the power to help marketers and brands connect with these powerful consumers.



People Power’s dual messaging puts C+R in a perfect position to speak about how their true value lies not only with their research, but with the experts who turn the research into an action plan for their clients. Our team and theirs agreed this was just the type of campaign that would allow C+R’s multifaceted expertise to take center stage—and that a photo-driven booklet exploring emerging consumer groups would be the vibrant centerpiece the campaign needed.



We first identified six unique consumer segments that are becoming integral to the contemporary marketplace and created spotlight profiles on each using insights from C+R. These profiles formed the content for the People Power booklet, filled with striking black and white photography and key takeaways for the brand managers and marketers C+R targets at TMRE. Each profile features unique statistics and handwritten “quotes”, giving voice and personality to the profiles. The tactile, felt-finished stock ensures the booklet feels like it’s worth hanging onto. It’s a piece you want to keep, read and reference (and when you do, think of C+R of course).



We also wanted an interactive way for C+R to engage with visitors at their booth, and in true C+R fashion, gain some insights while they were at it. We put together a digital quiz and loaded it onto iPads for C+R to use while introducing People Power. Of course the quiz wasn’t purely fun, it wrapped up with emailed results and captured contact info C+R can use as potential leads.



To catch the eyes of potential quiz takers, we also designed a booth panel that carried through People Power’s bright, bold look and married with C+R’s existing branding. The booth proved to be a magnet for foot traffic, attracting attendees to talk about the benefits of quality market research and pick up their own copy of the booklet.



People Power has been such a success for C+R that we are expanding the campaign to focus on the research experts powering C+R’s consumer insights. We are actively interviewing and developing printed profiles that highlight researchers and their specific expertise—be it multicultural, youth and family or B2B.

A photoshoot at the C+R office captured the experts in their element, creating a candid, active style that brings the people behind People Power to the forefront.