C+R Research 2016 Omnishopper

C+R Ominshopper


The experts at C+R Research are true pros when it comes to analyzing and understanding how people shop. As they geared up to drop this deep knowledge on attendees of the 2016 Omnishopper Conference here in Chicago this summer, we joined the team to create a conference theme and accompanying marketing materials that transformed C+R’s proprietary shopper insights into an action- and fact-packed shopper journey.

Our “Find Your Way” conference theme came to life across C+R’s expo booth, colorful email blasts, an in-depth infographic handout and a post-conference postcard. Our first step in this process was to design the central look and feel.


C+R Ominshopper


We really latched onto this idea of the journey, treating C+R as an expert guide for its clients and taking Omnishopper attendees through the ins and outs of creating the ultimate shopper experience. Visually, we wanted to make sure the theme also embraced and highlighted the clean and clear way C+R presents itself as a brand.

After experimenting with a few different layouts, we presented C+R with a look that calls to mind retro camping design, topographic map patterns and vintage Americana signage. This was paired with copy that played up the fun of the theme while also making C+R’s goal for Omnishopper clear: to present strategies for the ultimate shopper journey experience, backed up with insights from the research C+R specializes in.



C+R agreed that an infographic was the best way to illustrate the journey and provide compelling facts and figures along the way. Using a combination of icons and playful illustrations, we designed a six-panel printed piece that maps each stage of the buying process for consumers, packing it with statistics and strategies for every step.



Since Omnishopper took place here in Chicago, we couldn’t let this project go without the addition of an actual tour of the Windy City. Working with the tastemakers at C+R, we identified neighborhoods, shops, bars, restaurants and other must-see Chicago attractions and designed a Choose Your Own Adventure map for the flip side of the shopper journey piece.

Our final goal was to make sure that C+R’s presence at the conference was a memorable one. To do this, we designed a “Thanks for Visiting” postcard that C+R’s staff could fill out after meeting with a conference attendee. It provided a great way to put a personalized spin on the “Find Your Way” campaign and helped ensure that, from start to finish, C+R stood out as a fun, insightful and expert market research agency.