Cloudbakers Identity & Website

What do you know about cloud technology? If the answer is not much, you’re not alone. The cloud may be the future of the tech industry, but plenty of businesses still struggle with adopting and adapting to the change—so in comes Cloudbakers.

Cloudbakers is a cloud migration and adoption consultancy. Established in 2010, they work with clients to take them from legacy technology to a customized cloud setup of their choosing, then show them the ropes of how to optimize it. With the endless benefits the cloud can offer, on top of the excellent culture and expert team Cloudbakers has built, the ‘bakers already had the chops to be a standout option for clients—but they turned to us for help communicating it all through a robust new brand identity and website.



Five Star Team, Five Star Design

You know the saying, “if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t know it well enough”? We found that when it comes to the cloud, no one can make its complexities as simple as Cloudbakers. Their team is brimming with expertise—pros at getting us and their clients caught up on all things cloud—and their passionate personality had us chock full of inspiration.



Right out of the gate, we like to ask our clients if there are any sacred cows—AKA, existing brand elements we shouldn’t touch. For Cloudbakers, it was that iconic smiling cloud. We leaned into the fun of the logo for their brand evolution, keeping the smile constant while adding polish and professionalism through refined typography and perfected letter spacing.



Carrying over their existing white and blue color palette, we also expanded it to include a sleek black and grey as well as seafoam green, bright yellow and soft red—a nod back to Google, Cloudbakers’ top partner in cloud migrations.

With a balance of playful and professional design elements, we get at the core of what the ‘bakers offer: high-tech solutions and personality at every step of the way.



Out with the Jargon, In with the Fun

In their messaging and positioning, we homed in on the approachability and skill of the Cloudbakers team with a voice that’s savvy, helpful and fun, just like each of them. To stand out among the competition, we nixed any overly complex industry jargon and instead emphasized key benefits like their certifications, innovation and the confidence and reassurance that comes from working with the ‘bakers. Using phrases like “We Bring the Cloud Down to Earth,” we put their business simply: Cloudbakers makes the cloud easy to grasp and even easier to implement.

With the brand identity ready to run with, we then transformed Cloudbakers’ collateral, from business cards and letterheads to presentation and tradeshow materials, with modern, minimal graphics and tech-inspired details.



A Digital Homebase for the ‘Bakers

Then, to top off the entire rebrand, we overhauled the existing Cloudbakers website with their new look and messaging. At over 60 pages, we streamlined wherever possible while detailing anything a potential client might want to know about their solutions, partners, experience and everything in between.



Making sure we covered our bases, we dove deep into the planning process, building out goals, issues, strategies and tactics (a process we call GIST), an extensive web flow with all pages, forms and downloads accounted for and functional wireframes to truly capture our vision before development began. And after development, ease of navigation, mobile responsiveness, SEO optimization and gated content make the site a true business development tool.



To ensure that even a novice can get the lay of their land, illustration and icon libraries were established and applied to each page on the site, breaking down the different types of cloud migrations, solutions and services that Cloudbakers can whip up custom for their clients. Special considerations were also given to blogs, white papers and other resources like the Care Desk to ensure that whenever a client calls on the ‘bakers, they’ll be there to help.



With their brand thriving out in the world, we’re now collaborating with Cloudbakers on new projects, from social media updates and case studies to interior decals to take their offices to cloud nine.