Flower & Garden Show 2018

A Budding Partnership

When our long-time client, the Chicago Flower & Garden Show, decided to partner with Bernie’s Book Bank, a local organization dedicated to promoting childhood book ownership, we pushed ourselves to develop a 2018 theme that would marry the two organizations’ missions into one unified event: using gardening as a way of telling and experiencing stories.


Grain-Free Kitchfix Waffles




We immersed ourselves in literary inspiration, from nostalgic children’s tales to the classics we all hold dear, searching for the perfect name to convey the essence of the books-meets-blooms event. Dissatisfied with what we found, we made up our own word to capture the special blend of storytelling and horticulture: Flowertales. The tagline, “Every Garden Has a Story to Tell,” brings the concept home, setting the tone for all of this year’s advertising and marketing.


Plucked from the Pages

With a name as unique as Flowertales, we infused the look with all the whimsy and charm one would expect from a fairytale garden. A floral photoshoot provided us with all the beautiful blooms we needed to put the “flower” in Flowertales, and torn paper edges in a rainbow of rich hues added texture and depth. We gave the playful name a fanciful treatment with a custom typeface that looks straight from the cover of an antique storybook.



The Next Chapter

Over the course of the Chicago Flower & Garden Show’s five-day event, the halls of Navy Pier were filled with plant lovers taking in gardens overflowing with blooms and beloved stories. The show was so well-received, we’ve already begun writing the next chapter of the Flowertales story.