Bubble Berry Identity

If it looks like a strawberry, smells like a strawberry and tastes like… bubblegum, it must be Bubble Berry, the latest fruit innovation from our client Pacific Plug & Liner (PP&L). The little sister to PP&L’s Hula Berry, Bubble Berry is like an everyday strawberry in all ways but one: how it tastes. And BatesMeron was tasked with branding this sweet morsel.


Bubble Berry logo


Our work with PP&L on the launch of Hula Berry delighted retailers and gardeners alike, so we knew we wanted to capitalize on that positivity and excitement and carry it over to Bubble Berry. The fun part was figuring out how. Starting with the basic building blocks of the existing strawberry illustration and fonts, we explored a handful of nostalgic, old-timey shapes like gumball dispensers and, well, bubbles. The winning logo took our stylized strawberry top and added it to both ends of the strawberry design itself, mimicking the twists of a classic piece of Double Bubble.

Bubble Berry Typography

It should go without saying our copywriters had a, ahem, field day dreaming up potential tags for Bubble Berry. Some of our favorites from those fruitful sessions riffed strawberries that pack a pop and on growing bubblegum in your garden. But it was also important that we treat Hula Berry and Bubble Berry as a family so chosen tagline, “Strawberry, Meet Bubblegum,” kept the existing tagline cadence.


Bubble Berry Tagline


Bubble Berry made its debut at PP&L’s 2016 CAST event, which called for an entrance as quirky as Bubble Berry itself. We created a couple pattern designs as extensions of the branding that could be applied across all the brand collateral at the event. This included signage and a branded Step & Repeat backdrop to ensure that when PP&L introduced clients to Bubble Berry, it was unforgettable.