Benary Be Inspired Magazine

We were ecstatic when Benary returned to us to create a captivating magazine for their robust line of pansies. Having previously planned, written and designed Benary’s BIG Begonia publication, we knew this would be another opportunity to get intensely hands-on and inventive, flexing all our creative muscles as an agency. Benary’s Inspire Plus and Inspire Deluxxe pansies and Admire violas are vibrant flowers perfect for gardens and craft projects alike, so we once again strapped on our DIY hats and got creative with beautiful blooms.



Crafting Creative Content

DIY Creation

We first named the magazine “Be Inspired,” a nod to the product itself and the exciting activities found inside. Part growing guide, part original DIY magazine, Be Inspired illustrates the strength and growability of Benary’s pansies and displays the flower as a modern, versatile plant for gardening and crafting. With our own creative juices flowing, we brainstormed the perfect projects to draw in everyone from future brides and foodies to beauty gurus and crafters.



Totally embracing the DIY process, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work hand-making each project, fashioning delightful boutonnieres and pressed pansy gift tags. When it came to tasty treats, we donned aprons and whipped up dreamy donut decorations and spent two days carefully constructing blooming ice cubes. With eight diverse DIY ideas filling the magazine, we more than earned our arts & crafts merit badge for 2017.


A snapshot of our plan for how the pages would come together.


Focus on Photography

Layout & Design

To bring the fruits of our labor to the pages of Be Inspired, we photographed our creations in sets designed to complement the pansies. Every spread explodes with bold photography and vibrant colors. With more than 40 pansy and viola colors for consumers to choose from, we had to get ultra-creative with how to display the spectrum of options. With collages, original illustrations and hand-rendered typography that makes headlines pop, this magazine attracts eyes with an artistic, one-of-a-kind feel.



Inspiring Words


With design and photography making a big impact, we needed equally stand-out writing to make the magazine sing. Supporting the stunning photography and colorful layouts, we added copy that pulled double duty–expressing the fun potential of the blooms, as well as the necessary information for growing and maintaining Inspire Plus, Inspire Deluxxe and Admire violas. Striking the balance between lighthearted and practical, we made sure the copy felt as clear and vibrant as the flowers themselves.



With enticing activities, fantastic full-page photos and colors that jump off the page, pansies took center stage in this dazzling DIY guide. Benary launched their pansy publication at California Spring Trials to an excited and receptive audience ready to embrace a new perspective on pansies. From edible, floral treats to kid-friendly teacher gifts, we had a blast seeing these crafts through from start to finish. It’s exciting to take on projects that allow us to step away from the computer and have hands-on fun while doing work that serves our clients.