BatesMeron Brochure

At BatesMeron, we’ve spent more than a decade honing our clients’ brands and sharing their stories. So, we felt like it was time to turn our sights to sharing the next installment of our own story. As long-time lovers of print, we created a brochure to do just that, dedicated to our projects, our team and the clients we’ve served.

A Fresh Introduction to the World of BatesMeron



The BatesMeron brochure isn’t just a collection of our work and capabilities as a creative agency. It is a portrait of us, the philosophy we follow and the passion we have for each and every project. Handwritten notes from our team punctuate the brochure, ensuring that the pages feel like a reflection of who we are, not just the work we produce. To exemplify our personality and playful company culture, we included a glossary of our special BMSD lingo mixed in with standard industry terms.



For us, it was an exciting creative challenge to dive into the deep end of print possibilities and surface with the perfect materials to best represent our excitement for paper stocks and printing techniques. In the end, a cigar paper cover stock, embossed with our logo and creamy, French-folded pages create the perfect warm, elegant home for our work.



As an agency of Creative Capitalists, we are dedicated to using creativity and design to help our clients succeed in their businesses. We believe wholeheartedly in the power of print to establish a bold and tangible representation of a brand. This same passion fueled us as we created our own beautiful, functional and long-lasting piece of BatesMeron.



“Our hopes for this portfolio book are that it will really convey the rich, warm and energetic personalities of our team, as well as share a comprehensive look into the breadth and creativity of our body of work. When we meet new people who have seen our book, we want it to be a bridge between an introduction to BatesMeron and the reality of who we are and how we work. As always, we also aim to inspire—helping to ignite ideas for the viewer’s own brand.”




If you’re enticed by the lovely photography here and would like to have a copy of our brochure to check out up, close and personally, shoot Becka an email and we’ll gladly pop one in the mail to you!