Axion RMS Identity

The executive team of Axion Risk Management Services, a top provider of group insurance and risk management services, were undergoing a massive shift in perspective. Despite having an experienced and talented group from their previous insurance brokerage firm, the team had realized that the stereotype of untrustworthy insurance brokers coupled with their own image as a more affordable, mid-western firm was limiting their opportunities.

The team wanted to build Axion into a powerful new brand—one that would embody their virtues of personalized, reliable and high-end services and position them as a leader in middle-market insurance. At BatesMeron, we were all too eager to help them achieve their goals.




After talking with Axion’s President, Michael Booth, and hosting our process-driven discovery meeting with his key team, the BatesMeron team got to work creating a logo and tagline that would set the tone for the rest of Axion’s reimagined identity. We designed a logo that utilized two ‘A’ shapes bonded into a helix pattern to represent the strong connection that Axion forms with its clients. We paired this with a sleek and modern typeface that would speak to the level of professionalism and experience Axion brings to its services. Finally, to further emphasize Axion’s commitment to their client’s success, we developed the tagline “A Promise That Starts with People.”

Once our team had zeroed-in on Axion’s clean, modern look and their dependable tone, it was time to bring the brand to life through their collateral. BatesMeron used a consistent palette of bright, vibrant colors to bring extra excitement to Axion’s brand. We incorporated geometric shapes, similar to their logo, into many of the designs to give Axion an unexpected edge that would help them stand out among lackluster competitors. In pieces like Axion’s brochure and website, where it was crucial to convey their message in an engaging way, we used strategic color blocking and text treatments to streamline the designs—making complex information easy for clients to follow. These elements were implemented in everything from business cards and brochures to websites and case studies to create a strong and consistent brand.




When the Axion brand was launched in 2015, the entire team rallied behind their new identity. Axion’s powerful messaging galvanized the team and gave them direction in approaching prospective clients. Their dynamic collateral and website helped to set Axion apart from its competitors, while their overall design aesthetic and messaging helped them achieve a more authentic and approachable company. Now, Axion is firmly positioned as a leader in the insurance industry with plans to grow even more in the next few years.