Artisan Bags Identity

Artisan Bags takes the concept of wearable art to a new level with hand-painted canvas tote bags, unique to every customer. Combining eco-conscious reusability and original artwork, each Artisan Bag exhibits a harmonious blend of beauty and functionality. When founder Cindy De Pecol approached us to spearhead the creation of Artisan Bags’ positioning and branding, we were all too excited for the opportunity to bring her passion project to life with a one-of-a-kind look and inspirational messaging.


Artistic Insight

Positioning & Tagline

Our discovery session with Artisan Bags was insightful, creative and exploratory, delving into everything from the personal story that inspired the business to the aesthetic vision Artisan Bags had for its brand. Through our discussion, we were able to hone in on the most important aspects of the business and the bags themselves: one-of-a-kind art, eco-consciousness and functionality. These elements informed how we positioned the brand and gave it a fresh, adventurous voice.


An Artisan BagArtisan Bags Seal


Through our positioning process, we identified an essential emotional benefit for the brand—each bag has the ability to represent the person carrying it. It was paramount to share the potential for self-expression that comes with wearing an Artisan Bag. Without sacrificing individuality, beauty or functionality, each customer can have a tote that inspires and delights the world around them. We brought that sentiment front and center with the tagline, “Bring Beauty Everywhere.”


Duality in Design

Visual Identity

Designing a visual identity for a brand that exists to showcase other artists was a task. We needed to strike the right balance with a brand that wouldn’t overshadow the art on each bag but also stood on its own as a memorable mark.

The logo features two delicate hummingbirds facing inward to a blooming bag. It’s expressive and sophisticated, with symbolic roots in the personal story that led to Artisan Bags’ creation. The curves in the bag and bloom are mimicked in a carefully selected typeface that’s strong, yet crafted—a balanced complement to the logo mark. A palette of petal pink and forest green, with accents of gold foil and stark black and white, create an atmosphere where whimsical artfulness and modern luxury easily fit together.


Artisan Bags Business Cards


The Artisan Bags Canvas

Brand Collateral

We took their newly minted look and feel, and carried it through to a suite of polished branded collateral pieces, including hang tags and seals for packaging. We chose papers with varying textures that create a tactile stationary collection and the perfect canvas for handwritten notes. Artisan Bags’ redesigned business cards flash a dappled gold foil design that echoes the artfulness of each bag.


Artisan Bags Note Cards


Cindy De Pecol and the Artisan Bags team were ecstatic to see their company vision become a reality throughout the branding process. Our work gave Artisan Bags a radiant identity to see them through all the adventures that lie ahead.


Artisan Bags Business Cards