When life hands you a grant to educate physicians about vaccinations, why not make beautiful, award-winning materials with it? That’s exactly what we did with the American Osteopathic Association to help inform physicians and collect information with the end goal of increasing vaccination rates in their practices by signing up for the Clinical Assessment Program (CAP).

Knowing we had a short amount of time to capture the attention of 65,000-plus busy physicians, we worked closely with AOA to develop a campaign that was eye-catching, concise and that would get results. The centerpiece of the campaign was an oversized mailer, designed to look and feel just like a Band-Aid. Unlike typical direct mail, this piece demands attention and has the legs to get it into the right hands.

We included easy-to-digest information in the form of pullouts and infographics. In order to maximize physician signups for CAP, we followed up with several additional supporting materials, including a postcard, a bandage-shaped wrap to be place around the AOA’s journal, an advertisement in that issue, banner ads for their website and promotional giveaways to be given out at the AOA’s annual conference.

Not only did AOA see a 70 percent increase in participation, the Band-Aid Mailer helped  BatesMeron win Gold in the 2014 Communicator Awards in the Marketing/Promotion – Direct Mail Category!


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