AOA Career Compass Campaign

The American Osteopathic Association is a full-service resource for students, residents and practitioners of osteopathic medicine. In 2014 they unveiled a new interactive tool, the Career Compass, to help guide its members through all facets of their osteopathic career. Beyond setting goals and milestones for students, the Career Compass provides a space for peers to communicate with each other and share advice. Once this much-anticipated tool was completed, the next step was getting the word out to AOA members.

We concepted and designed a direct mailer that allows the recipient to explore the Career Compass by incorporating precise custom die-cuts to draw interest in its offerings. After literally uncovering just how useful the Career Compass is, our hope was to encourage members to take action, log on to the Career Compass to create a profile—and take control of their osteopathic career path.

Promoting the theme “From the Ground Up,” our messaging supported the mission of the Career Compass: no matter what stage of your osteopathic career you’re in, AOA’s Career Compass will help guide you. We also incorporated this theme across a number of digital ads and rotating banners, introducing members to the benefits of this tailor-made tool via the AOA website.