AACS 2009 Meeting

When the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery set out to celebrate successful 25 years as a non-profit medical association, they invited BatesMeron to the party to help make sure it was done right.

AACS’ anniversary mission was to eliminate the boring, stodgy perception often affiliated with medical associations. As a scientific association with a strong aesthetic focus, they welcomed bold colors and energetic energy to capture vitality and energy of our theme, “Not a day over 25.”

In addition to marketing collateral, all accented with silver metallic printing, BatesMeron also helped AACS launch its inaugural 40-page quarterly magazine, SURGE, to keep members and industry peers updated on the latest trends, technology and techniques in the cosmetic surgery field.

The yearlong campaign—capped by the 25th Annual Meeting—garnered their most successful marketing year ever, with membership goals attained and board members pleased. As for us? Well, let’s just say we don’t think 25 has ever looked better.


aoa_25years_postcard1 aoa_25years_postcard2 25_yrs_passport1 25_yrs_passport3 AOA_25years_foldout2AOA_25years_foldoutAOA_25years_foldout3 AOA_25years_brochure2 AOA_25years_brochure1