AACS 2015 Meeting

Inspired by technological advancements in cosmetic surgery, the concept for the 31st Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery embodies a modern feel, where function meets beauty in the not-so-distant future. For the look of this meeting, a cutting-edge scientific tone was set through thoughtful compositions of silhouetted organic images, hard quantitative shapes and bright angular swaths of color.

After developing a streamlined look that resonates energy, elegance and intellect, we promoted the meeting to AACS members through print and digital media. The elements pulled through beautifully to direct mail via postcard and advanced program, and amplified momentum online, stirring excitement on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The artful imagery used throughout all promotions created an unexpected and unforgettable look for the 2015 meeting, where colleagues and the Academy met in New Orleans. There, members were welcomed with bold signage and floor-length banners that filled the exhibit hall and session rooms with vibrant colors. In addition to the visual ambiance, you could easily spot branded programs leading surgeons from lecture to activity throughout the four-day event.


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