AACS 2016 Meeting

Our relationship with AACS stretches back for nearly 20 years. We’ve helped them across numerous projects, most notably to bring their annual conference to life with original and show-stopping theme designs. In 2016, we teamed up again to create a series of concepts to lend a powerful look and feel to the chosen theme, ‘Where Science Meets Success.’




AACS chose a design concept that personifies individual development and growth. Using architectural line work to create planes against the face and body, we emphasize the structure and dedication needed to reach the next level of success. The modern, edgy and elegant aesthetic lends itself to many fresh iterations across the collateral AACS needed, including programs, a vendor prospectus, direct mailers and event signage.




A key strategic goal for 2016 was to create a greater impact with the direct mail component. So, we focused on developing a creative solution that was both informative and enticing; a single mailer that served as a pleasing presentation of the advance program, schedule and other key information for members to have at their fingertips.




We designed a boldly colorful envelope that stair-steps the direct-mail pieces in a user-friendly and functional way. In a sea of postcards and boring white mail, this striking little package stands out and commands to be opened.






We carried this striking 2016 look and feel over to event signage with stirring black and white imagery, bathed in bright colors and gradients. This served as a cohesive reinforcement of AACS’ conference themes of science and success, exciting guests and setting the stage for another equally memorable and successful event.