Life [or Design] on Mars?

June 21, 2016 | by Taylor Wells

The BatesMeron crew was over the moon when we saw that NASA released its retro-futurist recruiting poster series last week. Originally designed in 2009 but finally released to the public, (since they are a public agency) these posters certainly grabbed our attention and got a few of us thinking about the future of space. This is a clear example of how great design with purpose can create a marketing or public relations gold mine.

These Back to the Future-style posters aren’t just fantastic works of art, they are also pieces of well thought out marketing. The designs and how they were delivered are clearly doing what they were meant to do—get the public talking about NASA and space exploration. The free downloads offer another reason someone would want to share it via their social media channels or even blog about it—great idea, right?

So it’s time to take down the Total Recall movie poster that makes your home look more like a dorm room and replace it with one from this sharp looking set. And who knows, maybe it will even inspire you to quit your job and pursue a career in space exploration!

For the entire collection, visit NASA’s site.

Mars or Bust: Our Faves from the NASA Poster Collection

P05-Teach-On-Mars-NASA-Recruitment-Poster-600x P02-Work-The-Night-Shift-NASA-Recruitment-Poster-600x P01-Explorers-Wanted-NASA-Recruitment-Poster-600x

If you’re still not convinced that space travel is for you, here’s some David Bowie to seal the deal.

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